EMS Alumni Information

In almost 30 years of service, the College of Charleston EMS has graduated hundreds of dedicated first responders, EMTs and paramedics. These former emergency responders are now working all over the United States in a variety of career paths. Whether you are working in emergency services or your life has taken you in a completely different direction, the the College of Charleston EMS wants to keep you involved and informed about our accomplishments and upcoming projects. Here are five ways you, as an alumni member of our team, can stay involved and informed:


EMS Alumni Information Form

Use this form to provide your updated contact information so that you can receive periodic information and event invitations from the College of Charleston EMS. Your information will never be shared unless you ask us to do so. This is also a great way for you to update us on what you have accomplished and how the COFC FRU/EMS played a role in your success.

Information Form

Follow our Social Media Accounts

We have a Facebook group soley for Alumni of CofC EMS (CofC EMS Alumni). Our current EMS Coordinator, Student Director and Deputy Director post updates on how the team is doing, articles/videos of our team featured in recent news, and alumni events that you can attend! 

We often post status updates and recent photos on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us at www.facebook.com/cofcems and @cofcems. 


The College of Charleston often reaches out to alumni to solicit donations and support. CofC EMS is a now a registered organization with the College of Charleston Foundation. If at any time you feel compelled to give back to the College of Charleston you may earmark those funds for COFC EMS. Simply let the Foundation know that you would like the funds placed into account R495 "College of Charleston EMS Fund". 

You may also give back online at http://giving.cofc.edu. After you select an amount online just select "Other" and type R495 in the comment box.

Donations are never expected but always appreciated. Much of what we have been able to accomplish is due to the generosity and support of others. Future donations will be used to purchase equipment, uniforms and support the continued education of our personnel.