Fire and EMS

Emergency Number: 843.953.5609, or 911

2014 National Collegiate EMS Organization of the Year

The College of Charleston's Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is dedicated to providing a safe campus environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

While we hope that your visit or stay at the College of Charleston is safe, enjoyable and uneventful, we know that from time-to-time emergencies do occur. Our department stands ready to respond and assist you in handling fire, emergency medical, and emergency preparedness needs. Fire and EMS is free service operated by students.

Our primary response area is the main campus of the College of Charleston, and areas contingent to the campus when requested.  College of Charleston Fire and EMS is supported by the City of Charleston Fire Department and Charleston County EMS.

If you ever feel uncomfortable about a situation, contact us immediately. Small problems can quickly turn into larger problems, so it's important to recognize when help is needed. We can provide a wide range of prevention and response services to assist in an almost any emergency situation.